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What are the kinds of eyelashes?

Russian volume lashes as the name recommends is an one-of-a-kind lashing technique that originated in Russia. When all the globe recognized was traditional lash strategies Russian artists manually created eyelash expansions that were made out of 2-5 thin mink lashes. These extensions were applied at the base is each specific lashes making Russian lash professionals actually preferred for their expert handmade market.

Where to buy the right lashes?

When it concerns utilizing the Russian quantity strategy the lash technician applies more than one extension per natural Hybrid Lashes as well as fan them out to make it resemble even more lashes are naturally outgrowing one spot.

If you're searching for even more quantity in your eyelashes after that the Russian quantity is for you, it creates a very lovely and also attractive look that's tough to ignore.

Russian volumes call for that you replenish them at least every 3 weeks to maintain them looking glowing and also complete however normally they last for around 6 weeks.

Just like classic lashes, our Russian lashes are made with high-grade PBT (synthetic fibers) but also for this technique, thinner extensions like 0.03-0.07 mm would certainly be required to make it very easy and also smooth to use greater than one lash strand per natural lash.My webpage:view more

The Russian volume lashes is typically lightweight in nature making it very easy to for it's fan to perfectly wrap around your customer's natural lashes and also provide it perfect quantity a distinct lash line and also density.

If you have a client that's seeking a much more duller look yet without the little weight of classic lashes then quantity lashes would certainly be excellent for that because it is fluffy and light and also since method much less glue is made use of when dealing with quantity lashes your customer will not really feel anything.

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